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With the help of speaker Kuaye Batsurk, director of the Raindrop Women’s Association, the Interfaith Dialog hosted festivities by serving Noah’s Pudding to attendants to spread the message of togetherness on November 22, 2015.


Noah’s Pudding 
As the story tells us, Noah’s Ark landed on top of a mountain after the flood dissipated. Noah and his family then proceeded to gather ingredients around the Ark to create a dish. This aforementioned dish became known as “Noah’s Pudding”, and it has been part of Ashura tradition since. It is made of wheat, beans, chickpeas, raisins, apricots, almonds, and sugar. Any extra, and fun, ingredients would stem from the chef’s imagination.

The Message 
Sharing Noah’s pudding spreads the message of solidarity, particularly as a way to pay tribute to neighbors. The Institute of Interfaith Dialog’s mission is to create a community centered in compassion, cooperation, and partnership. Because of the mission, the Dialog would gladly share Noah’s Pudding with the Central Presbyterian Church or any other neighbor with smiles on their faces. Although a small gesture in hindsight, the Dialog hopes to create strong bonds with everyone for years to come.


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