Thinking about a career in Chaplaincy and/or gaining valuable experience working with hospital patients, families and staff?
Not only is Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) required to become a professional Board Certified Chaplain, it is also invaluable training for working with people of all ages who are coping with a life-changing situation.

What is CPE?

Through hands-on practice, clinical supervision and academic study, CPE students are chaplain interns who learn how to listen and attend to patients more effectively. For instance – how to engage patients and their loved ones, establish rapport and maintain eye contact, pay attention and respond to both verbal and non-verbal communications, and better understand what they are observing during encounters.
CPE students also include seminarians who are required to take one unit of CPE as part of their degree program or who take more than one unit as their ministry internship. Students can also include clergy and non-certified chaplains who serve in congregations and other community settings and who want to improve their skills; as well as first responder chaplains, nurses, social workers, physicians, volunteers in hospitals, hospices, and rehabilitation and skilled nursing care facilities who provide emotional, spiritual and religious support and comfort to patients and families under the supervision of a professional chaplain.

Training Units

CPSP with collaborating Dialogue Institute Austin offers four (4) units of CPE at the Raindrop Foundation Austin. Students will engage in part-time study. Students do not have to enroll in every unit. Students may enroll for 1, 2, 3, or 4 units. Training units are 400 clock hours each

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Units

Part-time: A part-time time unit is 20 weeks long and includes 4 hours of lecture and peer review with a group of not less than two peers and 1 hour review with the supervisor.
You are required to complete an admissions interview with an CPSP supervisor or a person approved by the center to which you are applying.Please fill the enrollment form.
Please fill both the enrollment form and complete the Application form if you are interested in attending the program!.
Please return the application form at
Location: @ Raindrop Foundation Austin: 12400 Amherst Dr. Suite 108 Austin, TX 78727
Cost: $350 per unit
Date: 1st Unite starts on October 30th, 2019.
Time: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Trainer: Ron Cockroft
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