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The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a Protestant denomination whose roots are found in the Second Great Awakening of the late 18th and early 19th Centuries.  Today it is one of the smallest Mainline Protestant Denominations, yet it remains committed to an informed approach to theological study and biblical interpretation, ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and partnerships, and social justice.  The denomination is a charter participant in the World Council of Churches, and what is now called the National Council of Churches.  Disciples’ churches are congregationally governed, so there may be great difference from one congregation to another.  The DOC has a long commitment to education with Texas Christian University, Chapman University, and Butler University (to name a few) all beginning as Disciples’ institutions of higher learning.

Janet Maykus is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  She served 20 years as a hospital and hospice chaplain, was administrative faculty at Austin Seminary, served as director of Church Relations at TCU, and served as executive vice president of the Disciples Church Extension Fund.  Today she is the Senior Interim Minister at Central Christian Church in Austin, Texas

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